Recently came across this online store called insight, fell in love with its collections.

yours, Elizabeth.



Recently I became aware of UNIF CLOTHING and fell in love with it's collections. This are a few of my favorites. Especially SUCK MY RICHARD tee, amazing.

Yours, Elizabeth.



These are some of the people that inspire my everyday look I tend to go for, not always as I don't have the same clothes but I add my own stlye in there too, Not exactly a style but what ever I feel comfortable in and I like. There are a lot of things I would love to wear if I had the balls to wear it! Thought I'd share my inspiration with you. 
Yours, Elizabeth. 



Really loving my outfit today, mostly newish clothes which is always a bonus woo! Adore my new necklace! Hope you're all having a nice day, I have to go to work soon but FIRST a POT NOODLE YAY. Got I'm such a fat person eater. oh well. I don't think I'll put the pound on for a few years yet so I can eat away all I like :p

Yours, Elizabeth.


This was a water color painting I did for my sister, she has it at uni now. I think I'm going to do some more quite like this one, do you think I should? My art work changes style all the time, I never seem to keep one personal style. Think I need to find one.

Yours, Elizabeth.

Wild Fox White Label SS 2012

These have to be my favorites from the new Wild Fox collection, I absolutely love Wild Fox! Just wish I could afford it more :( I will save and save haha!

Yours, Elizabeth.



So this was a photoshoot in which I worked with an amazing photographer called Siiri Kumari, You should definitely check out her work. http://www.facebook.com/pages/Siiri-Kumari-Photography-Digital-Art/110019852401296?ref=ts

Yours, Elizabeth.


Ok, so I got a new check shirt and some new trainers which I love that much I keep putting them back in to the box haha! Oh and this is me in my new shirt, HI! :)



This was the last time that I went to the beach and I miss it dearly. The bottom photo is with my littler brother, he's such a cutie...well was. haha. 

Yours, Elizabeth. 


This is something I worked on just before christmas for my boyfriend, he loved it! So I'm happy. Took me a while but it was worth it, I did practice pieces for about 3 weeks before even starting this. I post them out at some point too. Let me know what you think? :)

Yours, Elizabeth. 



So this is me, Elizabeth Gracie. I have a pretty big passion for Art and Fashion which I hope to combine together for university. Applying for Fashion Knitwear Design and Knitted Textiles is the best thing I've done so far this year, just hoping and waiting to hear back from them with good news. What's the best thing you've done so far this new year? I have created this blog to share all my interests, hobbies and skills with you all. Hope you enjoy. 

Yours, Elizabeth.