Flesh weather

(Roxy-backpack, diy shorts-topshop, boob tube-primark, necklace-sisters)

So today was fun, went to matlock. I know i've edited all the photos different but I fancied to mix it up alittle bit instead of having them all the same ^_^ Hope you like them.

Yours, eg.


Girls Got Rhythm

Ok, so my fav band EVER and I just got this new tee so I thought I'd be a little vain and show it off, before it gets ruin by wearing it too much! The thing about band tees that annoys me is when people wear a certain band tee because they thinks its cool to wear it because everyone else is or whatever, even when they don't listen to the band. JEEZ it winds me up so much. Ramones tees are a big one.....if you don't listen to the band DON'T WEAR THE TEE you stupid mong.

Enough moaning. I went to Aveda to have a practice on my hair for a photo shoot I'm doing, which is going to be SUPER DUPER awesome. I'm going to be a doll/puppet.

Hope you're all well and happy with what you are doing right now.

Yours, eg. 


Third eye blind - deep inside of you

(shirt-topshop, jumper-borrowed, necklace-electric eccentric, bag-joshua taylor, jacket-zara, jeans-miss selfridge)

I've been feeling amazing these past few days, it's strange. I'm happy but it's a kind happiness I've not felt before. Also, I look all girly today woooo!

Lots of love, eg.

p.s listen to this song.

Herschel Supply Co. 2012 Fall/Winter Collection.


Herschel Supply Co.‘s 2012 fall/winter Collection sees an expanded range of vintage-inspired products from the brand. Motivated by the outdoors as well as founders Jamie and Lyndon Cormak’s own family history, the collection features classic backpacks, bags, and other accessories. However, each is afforded a new idea that makes it suitable for a modern world. Highlights among the new offering include camouflage backpacks as well as the brand’s signature color blocked items. Additionally, several items feature creative linings such as paisleys and contrasting colors that bring a new level of excitement and style to the collection. These features also reflect Herschel Supply Co.’s willingness to pay close attention to the details while still creating items that are wearable and timeless. The Herschel Supply Co. 2012 fall/winter Collection will be made available at global stockists as well as the brand’s own online shop.


Lizard do birthday

It was my birthday last week so I went out to Rock City last saturday, was so much fun! Like literally one of the best nights I've ever had there to be honest. I've been spending too much money on clothes recently but now I have more clothes to show you, going to get round to an outfit post soon! I don't have my tripod anymore so it's been really difficult to sort them out myself. So I'm sorry about that.

I have so many new followers recently too which I am so happy about and I love you all. If I haven't followed back yet or left a little comment then I'm sorry and I will get round to it soon I PROMISE ^_^

Hope you're all happy and well!

Love, eg.