Lizard do birthday

It was my birthday last week so I went out to Rock City last saturday, was so much fun! Like literally one of the best nights I've ever had there to be honest. I've been spending too much money on clothes recently but now I have more clothes to show you, going to get round to an outfit post soon! I don't have my tripod anymore so it's been really difficult to sort them out myself. So I'm sorry about that.

I have so many new followers recently too which I am so happy about and I love you all. If I haven't followed back yet or left a little comment then I'm sorry and I will get round to it soon I PROMISE ^_^

Hope you're all happy and well!

Love, eg.

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Oona said...

This comes a little bit too late but HAPPY BDAY!!! : ) It really looks like you had fun that night!

xx Oona