Originals Ease Lo

Sorry for being pretty rubbish recently but it's been horrible weather for the past few weeks so I haven't been able to get outside and do any outfit posts but I will get on it asap! I do have a photoshoot on sunday though for a student on the Fashion Knitwear Design and Knitted Textiles course which is what I'm doing in october so I'm pretty excited but nervous about that! 

On other news, I'm getting my hair stripped on friday ooooooh yeaaaaah! Can't wait but I'm also nervous about that because I've had black hair for over three years! 

Anyway back to this post....I'm hoping these bad boys will be my next purchase because I love love love them! And they have pink on them.....not like me at all. haha!




The start of a great friendship I beleive. Recieved this from my pen pal who lives in California. His work is amazing and very inspiring, you should check it out!

His websites:


Yours, Elizabeth.


Biker boots.

 (Grafea rucksack, jeffrey campbell biker boots, true religion skinny jeans, joseph check shirt) 

This set is a bit of a waste of time wish list as I wouldn't be able to afford any of it but I love it. 

yours, Elizabeth. 


(Jacket-ZARA, necklace-VIVIENNE WESTWOOD, jumper-FATHERS, bag-ZARA, choker-EBAY, jeans-TOPSHOP) 


So okay I know my roots are getting SO VERY BAD but I can't afford to get it stripped just yet and with my friends birthday in a couple of days and another friends birthday at the end of the week, I have no chance of getting it sorted. Which is a shame because I just look like a complete idiot. But hopefully will be sorted in a few weeks, yaya! 

My sister took these photos, shes back from university for easter yay, its been so nice to see her too! 

Yours, Elizabeth. 



Ok, so I thought I would show you all my beautiful pooch BAILEY! He's so adorable and was even more so as a pup. But he's not to cute when he slobbers everywhere which is a lot of the time!

Yours, Elizabeth.


Give me one good reason.

Oh my god, don't look at my roots please! I'm trying to get rid of the black in my hair by leaving it as long as i can then getting it stripped! It's starting to get too much for me! hahaha! Any tips for my hair?? I could do with them!

It was that hot this day I didn't have to wear shorts! yay! My pale legs got a little bit of sun :p

Yours, Elizabeth.



Moda Dance Company

This is a design I've done for my sisters Dance Company, I'm quite proud of it to be honest. But still I need to do more art to get better! My sister has also asked me to do the photography for her Final major project, I'm rather nervous because it needs to be good! Just hope I do a good job of it because I'm also getting paid for it eeek! And because shes my sister makes me want to do an even better job than I probably can. 

Yours, Elizabeth. 


Tie dye.

 This was a really nice day, got my tie dye top on that I made! Love it! Really want to do some socks, what do you think? I've added a few photos of my boyfriend and pooch this time because I really love the photos :) 

My life keeps going up and down at the moment, fed up of just waiting to go to university. Sick of my life as it is now. Just want to be pointed in a direction. 

Yours, Elizabeth.