Originals Ease Lo

Sorry for being pretty rubbish recently but it's been horrible weather for the past few weeks so I haven't been able to get outside and do any outfit posts but I will get on it asap! I do have a photoshoot on sunday though for a student on the Fashion Knitwear Design and Knitted Textiles course which is what I'm doing in october so I'm pretty excited but nervous about that! 

On other news, I'm getting my hair stripped on friday ooooooh yeaaaaah! Can't wait but I'm also nervous about that because I've had black hair for over three years! 

Anyway back to this post....I'm hoping these bad boys will be my next purchase because I love love love them! And they have pink on them.....not like me at all. haha!


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Lydia said...

these are hottt. your blog is lovely. x