Catch up

I've recently finished my second year of university and now I am starting my placement on monday were I will become a designer assistant for an amazing company called Acorn! These photos are just a few things I've been up to recently :) If you follow me on instagram you'll get more of a daily update, @elizabethgraciee

I am going to start taking more outfit posts soon now I don't have so much uni work to do so hopefully these posts will get better :)

Hope you're all well!
Love, Elizabeth Gracie! x


Lavish Alice

(Photos by: Louise Furlow )


I have styled up this cute giraffe print double layered cami dress in my own style, adding a belt really showed off the double layer. Creating a pre summer look was really easy with this dress because it's easily matched with many different styles, I chose a really casual look with the mini backpack and dr martens! I think this look would be really great for a festival and they're all coming up pretty soon! Don't hesitate to check out what other dresses they have over at LAVISH ALICE!

Thanks, Elizabeth Gracie x



Just want it to be summer now, so I can wear my summer clothes!

ugh..so bored of being cold.


Radiate love


I'm currently having two weeks off from university so i've found myself doing crafts, i've made a dream catcher using a crystal that brings balance and clarity, also using leather for the tassels! My boyfriend treats me all the time, he recently got me a butterfly poster which since we have framed and the old cigar box filled with moths which is just amazing!

Hope you're all well!

Love, Elizabeth Gracie! xx


Life pt 2

So I've been super busy with getting myself an internship at Acorn Conceptual textiles in Nottingham which i start in june, its going to be an amazing opportunity for me and it'll prepare me for my final year of university! My machine and hand knitting is getting better and my personal life is the best its ever been! Thank you for still following me even though my blogging has really slipped in the last year. I am going to be working on some personal projects soon and i'll keep you up to date with that :) Also I will be putting some items in the shop soon so keep your eyes out for that!

Thank you, Elizabeth!


Acorn project and life update

I constantly feel like I am apologising for being a rubbish blogger but oh well. I don't have enough free time to blog as much as other people. So anyway, here is an update of photos from what I have been up to recently in regards of university work and personal time. At university right now I am currently doing a live project for the swatch company Acorn and using yarns sent from AA Global, it's all very exciting. I will try and keep you up to date with how the project is going because it's a great project :)

Hope you're all well!

Love, Elizabeth Gracie.