I was just being a little vain yesterday because I felt pretty for once ^_^ haha! And I thought I'd show you these photos too because I quite like them. Can't wait to get my tee from VIBES and show you all, want it now! Heading into town with a few friends today, got a migraine but I'm trying to man it and get some fresh air. So I'll end up buying something haha ah well bit of something wont hurt ^_^

Yours, eg.


These colours don't run


I managed to get out and get my friend Lee to take some photos for me, yay! Thought I'd put a lot up as I haven't done an outfit post in a long time. I've been going through a few changes and downs recently but a friend told me "the sun is always shining no matter how cloudy the day" - Tom Hardless. Which has inspired me a lot to be honest.

Hope you're all well & happy!

Yours, eg.


Say hi fringe it's been a while.

Hello! So I got a fringe cut in today by the lovely Ben Adams at Aveda, he's done such a good job as he always does! I'm obviously not used to it yet but I'm sure I will be soon! What do you think? I've had a pretty rough week so I treated myself well I didn't really mum paid for it ^_^ Basically I got jumped at a cash machine last saturday night BUT I'M OKAY NOW Just have a sore head, the doctor said i'll be fine in about 10-15 days. Last saturday night I also met fellow blogger Lauren McKiernan from girlfromtheattic and we was just complete girls saying how beautiful we both thought each other was in person ^_^  She's lovely, you should definitely get your bums over to her blog and FOLLOW.

Hope you're all well & happy.

Yours, Elizabethg.



Romeo & Juliet Survive

I've just seen the Wildfox Fall 2012, Star Crossed Loves collection and I'm so in love with it! LIKE ITS AMAZING. And the photography is beautiful!  You should head over to StumbleUpon through the link below and look at them for yourself because you'll love them! So ispirational ^_^




Hey, I was going to do an outfit post today but the weather let me down again....ok I know it looks sunny outside but trust me its not and it's been raining on and off all day. sucks. I've had my boyfriend here today too so we WAS going to do one but ah well here's a photo of me and my new hair. Yes I used miracle hair growth last night and woke up with this...ha nah treated myself to some new extensions yay! I hope your all having a great weekend!

Yours, Elizabeth. 


NastyGal Lookbook

Photography/ zoey grossman Model/ Hailey Clouson Styling/ Jennifer Purse'nBoots Makeup/ Samuel Paul Hair/ Ramsell Martinez

This is a new lookbook for nastygal which I came across via Purse'n Boots who did the styling for this and I must say well done to her because it's amazing. If you wish to see the rest of the photos, go on her blog they are worth having a look at! I would love to do a photoshoot a bit like this, would be amazing.

Yours, Elizabeth.



Today I stumbled across todays FEATURED PRODUCT on REGALROSE which is these amazing handmade natural crochet sandals. Triangle shaped with ties that wrap around the middle toe and around the ankle.

I just fell in love with them as soon as I saw them, so cute and natural looking.

Yours, Elizabeth.




Both of these items are from TopShop, got them both at different times but this is what I wore on saturday night. The blouse I got on friday because I just fell in love with the colors and wanted something a little more girly than what I usual go for. The shorts are DIY which were originally high waist jeans but I hardly wore them as they didn't sit right but as shorts they are perfection and I made sure I didn't cut them too short so I don't look like a tramp whore with half my bum cheeks hanging out....I really don't get that. I mean leave some imagination for the boys...if they can see everything they aren't going to want to explore further although some boys will because you've just made yourself look very EASY. ok, enough of that.

Oh and today I got BLOG OF THE DAY of twitter from @The_upcoming Online magazine which you can see HERE and its great, definitely will get a good read from it. I was so happy when I read it.

Yours, Elizabeth.


HUF 2012 Summer Lookbook


For 10 years, HUF has been a streetwear staple that has expanded beyond its Bay-area roots to global acceptance. For the label’s Summer 2012 Lookbook, photographer Brian Kelley takes us to New York to check out a fresh new delivery of staple tees, snapbacks, and signature HUF skate sneakers for the brand’s footwear segment. While available already from the HUF online store, the collection should also be soon hitting select HUF stockists worldwide.

Heel Bruise 2012 Summer Lookbook


Heel Bruise is a developing Southern California streetwear label centered around the rich graphical heritage of skate culture found in the Golden State. For its Summer 2012 catalog, Heel Bruise enlisted the help of photographer Robbie Jeffers to shoot a lookbook for the line’s clever graphic T-shirts, wovens, and trucker hats. Included in the collection, is a collaborative venture with San Francisco street photographer and journalist Travis Jensen, entitled “The City’s Getting to Me.” You can shop the collection in its entirety from the Heel Bruise online store.