Say hi fringe it's been a while.

Hello! So I got a fringe cut in today by the lovely Ben Adams at Aveda, he's done such a good job as he always does! I'm obviously not used to it yet but I'm sure I will be soon! What do you think? I've had a pretty rough week so I treated myself well I didn't really mum paid for it ^_^ Basically I got jumped at a cash machine last saturday night BUT I'M OKAY NOW Just have a sore head, the doctor said i'll be fine in about 10-15 days. Last saturday night I also met fellow blogger Lauren McKiernan from girlfromtheattic and we was just complete girls saying how beautiful we both thought each other was in person ^_^  She's lovely, you should definitely get your bums over to her blog and FOLLOW.

Hope you're all well & happy.

Yours, Elizabethg.


lauralegendary.x3 said...

so beautiful ♥

Yasmin; said...

oh my god I can't believe you got jumped!! So scaryyyy. & I did whole I feel sad so I'm going to spend thing the other day too aha, £80 later ooops. now I'm craving tassles and some new trainers but I have no moneyy ahhh. now following, hair looks lovely by the wayyyy xx