Crooked souls

(Jacket - ZARA, shoes - Adidas, bag - Primark, shorts - DIY topshop, Shirt - H&M, jumper - vintage)


First video post

This is my first video blog post so feel free to laugh. 
Jumper- topshop // shirt- primark // jeans- topshop // bag- primark



The past couple of days have been wonderful, I've met new people, spent lots of time with my boyfriend and my family. I had lots of fun around Bridlington arcades with my boyfriend Lukasz yesterday, the photo booth photos were the win of the day I think haha! It's been nice having a break from university and helping my momma out at the pub. 

I've been thinking about making a makeup tutorial and a shop for my blog because i've been asked a couple of times, what do you think??????? 

Lots of love, 

Elizabeth Gracie x


Gallerino Studio

Whilst visiting family and friends in Bridlington over easter, I managed to have a shoot with the wonderful people at gallerino studio (that links to their facebook page) They are definitely worth checking out because the photos they create are brilliant.

This is only some of the photos I received back on the same day as the shoot and they were nice to shoot with, I highly recommend them. I hope to work with them sometime over summer because that day was SO COLD and we got up at the early hour of 5 to shoot these. I think it was worth it.

I hope you're having a lovely easter much love,

Elizabeth Gracie x