Santa II


Another from the shoot with Ed godden, he's done such a good job don't you think? :)

I'll update you on university soon, got some samples to show you all!

Hope you all have a lovely weekend!

Love, eg. 


Word Press

(Ed Godden wordpress)

The wonderful photographer Ed Godden dedicated his first word press post to the shoot he did with me, which has made me happy! You should check it out :)

Hope you are all well!

Love, elizabeth gracie.


Soft box

This was from the photoshoot with Ed Godden the other day, I think these photos are my favourites but he is still editing some so i'll keep you updated! So happy with these, he is just too good! The lighting in my room really paid off I think :)

What do you think?

Love, eg. 


Eventful week.

This past week has been eventful, spent time learning how to use a knitting machine and was happy with the outcome and so was my tutor yay! I have a few new things, like my Hollow tee and my Vibes hat which I'll link below where you can buy them from! I got robbed when i was out on saturday night so I've got a new purse, which I needed anyway so they did me a favour and a reason to buy a new one haha! I also went to see Memphis May Fire and Of Mice And Men which was AMAZING!

I have a photo shoot tomorrow with Ed Godden who is amazing and i've always wanted to work with him so I'm MEGA stoked but very nervous because he's worked with some amazing models! doh.

hollow clothing

Hope you're all well!

Love, elizabeth.


Miranda Kerr / russh magazine

Fell in love with all of these photos and the styling in them as soon as I saw them, Im supposed to be getting ready for uni but I had to show you if you haven't already seen them! Miranda is amazing too!

Hope your good and well not like me with this bloody sickness that going around my flat.

Love, e.g.


Rob Jamieson


So last weekend I travelled to Portsmouth to work with the lovely Rob Jamieson and I must say it was worth it because I love this outcome! I'll show you another one sometime soon and hopefully I'll see some more soon too :) exciting!

I would definitely recommend to work with him to anyone, he has a great studio set up too! I'm sorry I've been a little rubbish with posts recently but I've not long moved out and started uni which is going fab by the way, worked on a knitting machine for the first time today and it was terrifying haha I almost broke it -____- silly me!

Hope you are all well!

Yours, Elizabeth.