All of these images are from my tumblr page, they are just a couple of inspirational photos that I love this week, Im almost at the end of the first term of University now and its scary. Doesn't seem that long ago since I was saying how excited I was to start! Its mental how fast this has all gone.

I want to make my blog better, so Im asking you...what could I do to make it better?

Oh and this is my past week of instagram photos, I've decided to add this in every now and then. If you have instagram then follow me if you like its: elizabethgraciee
You could say this past week has been fun!

Hope you are all well and I apologies for not getting back to some of you I've been so busy with deadlines etc.

Yours, Elizabeth! 



(sanctus clothing)

Recently I modelled for the lovely lady at Fawn & Faith and she did a collection called Sanctus. It was a fun afternoon because I had previously worked with the photographer, was my first photo shoot actually that I worked with her. They were all really lovely and made me feel comfortable!

But you should seriously check out the clothes because they are pretty awesome and worth it :)

Hope you are all well!!

Love, Elizabeth Gracie. 


Takes Practice

Okay, so I've been terrible with this recently but I've just been so busy with uni work so I do apologies to the people that actually look at this haha, probably not many :p But thank you so much if you do!

These are some fashion sketches I've been working on, hopefully improving my skills. Im so used to life drawing and drawing in scale where as now I can do what ever I want you know like make the necks really long haha!

What do you think?

Yours, Elizabeth Gracie. 




These are some behind the scene shots from AM Eyewear's SS 13 campaign, I really love them that's why I wanted to show you!

Hope you've had a great weekend

Love, Elizabeth. 


Better late than never.

I know its a bit late but HAPPY HALLOWEEN haha!

Its one of my favourite times of the year for sho. I've been super busy with uni this week but this weekend I can relax at little, I'll show you what i've been doing soon. I managed to get 13 Knit samples done this week was well proud of myself!

Hope you've all had a brilliant week!

Love, Elizabeth.