FILLES A PAPA spring/summer 2013 TOMBOY


These are a couple of my favourites from the new collection they have, love the styling and the model is great!



The Fall

(Jacket - ZARA, Bag - ZARA, Top - TOPSHOP, Skirt - TOPSHOP, Boots - PRIMARK)

I'm going to make more effort with my outfit posts from now on! My friend Ami took these for me :)
Hope you like them!

Love, Elizabeth. 



(Lace top - TOPSHOP, top - TOPSHOP, lipstick - MAYBELLINE natural rosewood)

Just a few of my buys this week. I found out last night that the Nottingham MAC makeup store might be able to help out with my fashion show in march which would be AMAZING!!!!

Love, Elizabeth.  



Hey guys! I've started back at university now, feels good to have a fresh start. Last term didn't go so well for me I must say. I found it hard adapting to the Uni life style and work load but I'm starting to manage my time a little better now thankfully! Oh and the first photo is my work space at the flat, it's inspiring me to do more work! Try it :)

Hope you all had a lovely christmas and new years!

Love, Elizabeth Gracie.