MONSOON the party season edit

I was asked to choose a dress from the party wear dresses on Monsoon and accessorise it. Choosing a really detailed embellished dress meant that I kept the accessories quite simple and I love what I have chosen, If I have a christmas party to go to it would be perfect for it. Thanks Monsoon for setting me this. I am a bit behind with it because of the amount of university work I have had on at the moment but I hope you like what I have chosen :)

Thanks, Elizabeth Gracie. 


Endless Maze

(Dress- Miss Selfridge, Short sleeve dress- Endless Maze available here- void mini dress

I firstly just want to apologies for being so rubbish with my posting abilities, I recently started back at university and going into my second year was a big shock at the amount of work I need to produce. So this blogging situation can't be done as much as I would like but I hope you all like my recent photos. 

These photos are taken by Scott Choucino who is a great photographer and is really awesome to work with. You can find his website here.. scottchoucino.com 

Also, this endless maze dress I have been wearing it so much because its so comfy and goes well with so many of my clothes, of corse as its black! I decided to give it a gothic style by matching it up with this dress I found in the Miss Selfidge sale which was a right BARGIN!! I don't usual shop in there but with my new job working for the jewellery concession that supplies topshop, boots, miss selfridge and dorothy perkins I've found myself coming across some treats! 

I hope you're all well and doing what makes you happy! 

Love, Gracie. 



Photos by: Kimerley Gordon
Make up: Carlene K
Wigs: Anna Lee Fiorino
Styling by Kimberley Gordon and Meredith Leyerzaph
photos from: ilovewildfox

I would love to own something from this amazing collection at wildfoxcouture called Daisy's Girls. 

These are just a few of my favourites from this collection, the photography is stunning too, just amazing. 

Love, Elizabeth Gracie. 



(Top- topshop, DIY shorts - topshop, Shirt - new look, hat - topshop)

Shot by: Walker & Walker



I've had a tough time recently, being back at home for a few months has been difficult to keep on top of my blogging but I promise I move out in two weeks so I will be back on top of it and I'm going to try make it better than ever by trying a few new things :) 

Also, I got dumped so I've not exactly been the happiest girl in the world and I've just been wanting to cuddle up with my pillow and teddies all the time. But I'm getting back to my old self again thanks to family and friends that I love so much! 

Heres just a few photos from my instagram recently, hopefully getting some more shoots soon when I'm back to myself :) 

Hope you are all very well and having fun!! 

Love, Elizabeth Gracie. 



(DIY pretty sunday - dress, newlook - boots) 

Hope you've all had a lovely weekend! 



It was my 21st birthday on wednesday and I had such a good time with friends and family, I am sorry i've not been blogging much I do try my best to keep it updated! 

Love, Elizabeth x


Insta update

Some photos from my instagram recently, give me a follow and i'll check out yours! 


Love, Elizabeth.