I've had a tough time recently, being back at home for a few months has been difficult to keep on top of my blogging but I promise I move out in two weeks so I will be back on top of it and I'm going to try make it better than ever by trying a few new things :) 

Also, I got dumped so I've not exactly been the happiest girl in the world and I've just been wanting to cuddle up with my pillow and teddies all the time. But I'm getting back to my old self again thanks to family and friends that I love so much! 

Heres just a few photos from my instagram recently, hopefully getting some more shoots soon when I'm back to myself :) 

Hope you are all very well and having fun!! 

Love, Elizabeth Gracie. 


AVY said...

Loving the first set, really hot.



Lauren said...

Breaking up with someone is never fun, but this is definitely the time to re-discover yourself! Love the photos x

SuĂȘ said...

I invite you to visit my blog, you're very welcome <3
Super kiss and a great weekend .