(Adidas high tops, bag-H&M, grey jacket-H&M, leather jacket-ZARA, tshirt-H&M, jeans-TOPSHOP)

Today was a nice day, me and my friend Jemma had a trip in to Nottingham for a wonder, went in to Vintage warehouse and had a look in the new back bit which is the first photos. They have a cool rock looks thing going on down there, quite like it! Jemma took todays outfit photo, it turned out good to say she's never really done much photography. Had to crop it a little though :p 

Yours, Elizabeth. 



via hypebeast.com 

I know I've been posting a lot these past few days but there is just so much that I want to show/tell you! and I really like these bags, would love to get one. But yet again my funds are stopping me. One day I will be able to afford what I want! one frigging day! 

Yours, Elizabeth. 

Ronnie Fieg x ASICS GT-II “Rose Gold”

via HyperBeast.com - Available March 2nd. 

I'm not normally a fan of trainers in this style but I must say they are starting to grow on me, especially like these ones. Big fan. I'm getting impatient about University too, just don't want to get my hopes up too much. 

Yours, Elizabeth. 


(Reptile Old School Satchel-Urban outfitters, Moto Pebble Supersoft Skinny-Topshop, Long Jersey Vest-H&M, Neff fold beanie,  Bat necklace-Empty Casket, Creepers.)

I know it's just basically all black&white but these are some things i wouldn't mind having soon! Also this is the first outfit post I have done that's like this. Sort of a wish list. Well pretty much is isn't it hahaha! As you can see I prefer basic clothing, I think I'm scared of color...which isn't good. But I guess, thats what gives my style it's personal affect maybe?...hmmm I don't know. 

OH and I've started a painting that was originally started like 10 months ago, pretty longgggg. But it's of my sister and it's hopefully going to be great! I'll make sure I post it up when it's done which will hopefully be soon! 

Yours, Elizabeth. 


Agnes Cecile//

Recently I've been getting a lot of inspiration from this artist because her work is just amazing. As you can see! Oh, I had my interview on thursday and it went okay I think, I believe they liked me. Well I hope they did haha! Also they didn't really say much about my work which was a bit worrying. Fingers crossed though eh!

Yours, Elizabeth.



(Bobble hat-H&M, Shirt-Vintage, Cardigan-ZARA, bag-H&M, Converse, Tshirt-ZARA)

This morning my dad and I took Bailey out for a long walk, he was so knackered bless him! My interview for University is creeping up on me and I'm becoming very very very nervous and scared. Hardly slept last night because it was going through my head so much! What to say, what not to say, how I should say things, what art do I take in ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! FREAKING OUT! 

Yours, Elizabeth.

Mark Fast A/W '12//

(via http://www.elleuk.com/) 
Mark Fast moved away from the spider-web knits that made his name with his autumn-winter 2012 show, shifting from the skin-tight to the substantial. 

I really love his work and he will be an inspiration to me for years to come! These are just some of my favorites from London Fashion Week. 

Yours, Elizabeth. 




Pixie Knitwear is an independent UK based fashion brand specialising in knitwear. Founded in 2008 Pixie Knitwear was born on a foundation of love for gorgeous, fun, great quality, sexy knitwear.

Has inspired me so much and probably will in the years to come if I get on to the Fashion knitwear design course at trent. 

Yours, Elizabeth. 




Today was the nicest day we've had in a while, weather wise! So me and charlie took the dogs for a walk, was nice but I just wish it was as hot as it looked. Can't wait for summer time, LIKE CAN'T WAIT! Although I do like the cold times because of bobble hats. Almost got an amazing photograph of a robin too but Hector the dog scared it away! Was so annoyed! Hope you've all had a lovely weekend! 

Yours, Elizabeth. 

p.s Do you think my photos are getting better? 


New in. 
Love these photos. 

I've pretty much done nothing with my weekend, just been at my boyfriends house doing nothing but watch t.v and various films. Also, we have completely finished the series Avatar the last air bender which is quite depressing as it's amazing but I've heard there is another series coming out soonish which I'm so excited about! ahhhhhh! I'm going to get some more outfit posts up asap. And it's a sunny day so I'm going to drag Charlie outside and help me. I think that some more of my own photos are in need to be uploaded too so I will get on it! :) 

Yours, Elizabeth. 


Inspirational photos//

Most of these photos are from my tumblr, just some that I feel are inspiring me the most right now. A lot of people never see the point in tumblr or just blogging but it does inspire people a lot which there interests, choices and just their lives in general. Thats why I love it so much. 

Yours, Elizabeth. 



Make yourself proud//

So I'm poorly today, very poorly. A lot more poorly than yesterday so I'm having today off work and I'm getting stuck in to some doodles and paintings for my sketch book. Just a book of my interests and ideas. Which I'm building up for my University Interview whey! Not sure whether to tell them about my blog or not....hmmm....what do you think? Shall I tell them? Hope you're all feeling better than me today! I'm sneezing and getting snot everwhere! Dirty!

Yours, Elizabeth.

p.s I'm not very good at drawing people, so I'm trying to improve!



I had to share this song with you because I think it's beautiful and of course Zooey Deschanel is so beautiful also. Do you like it as much as I do? 

Yours, Elizabeth. 



I have decided to include some knitwear every now and then, some favorites and some recently found. I have a love for knitwear and hope to be doing Fashion Knitwear design and Knitted textiles at Nottingham Trent University. So fingers crossed because I'm so nervous it's unreal. 

Yours, Elizabeth.