(Reptile Old School Satchel-Urban outfitters, Moto Pebble Supersoft Skinny-Topshop, Long Jersey Vest-H&M, Neff fold beanie,  Bat necklace-Empty Casket, Creepers.)

I know it's just basically all black&white but these are some things i wouldn't mind having soon! Also this is the first outfit post I have done that's like this. Sort of a wish list. Well pretty much is isn't it hahaha! As you can see I prefer basic clothing, I think I'm scared of color...which isn't good. But I guess, thats what gives my style it's personal affect maybe?...hmmm I don't know. 

OH and I've started a painting that was originally started like 10 months ago, pretty longgggg. But it's of my sister and it's hopefully going to be great! I'll make sure I post it up when it's done which will hopefully be soon! 

Yours, Elizabeth. 


Teapot said...

All of that stuff would look amazing on you x

Betsy-May said...

wanted these shoes so bad, but my boyfriend is scared of any kind of platform!