Three ponds

I'm sorry it's not a very professional photo of this outfit but hey ho they sometimes look better haha! (probably not) I went to visit my friend Charlotte yesterday and had a short but sweet catch up, she is lovely! Then I went out for a meal with the family because it is my Grandads birthday today!! Oh and the hat I'm wearing is from messenoire apparel which is my friends clothing company, you should totally check it out because they are wicked!

I've decided to try and write a lot more in my blog post, hopefully people will read them if they are actually people interested in what I do haha! That's okay if not, everyone is boring sometimes :p I recently modelled in a Catwalk show for one of the second year Fashion Knitwear students, her work was amazing! Hopefully I'll be able to see some other photos soon and I can show you how silly I looked haha! One of the photos is below.

This is a drawing I started this weekend, I was going to just go to sleep but I'm glad I stayed up because I haven't drawn anything for awhile and I need to get some practice in really to get better! I've got a lot of announcements to make soon which I am excited about you all hearing because its
HUGEEEE! haha you'll see :p

Lots of love, Elizabeth Gracie.



I had the pleasure of working with Ed Godden again last week, He is so wonderful to shoot with!

Love Elizabeth x