I caught a fly

(Headband-newlook, jumper-topshop, bag-zara)

Today me and my sister took our dog out while it was nice and I managed to her to take these photos for me, I took the last two though which Im rather proud of ^_^
The photo shoot I did for The Idealist magazine last week went really well, I'll let you all know when I get the photos back. Pretty excited to see them. I'm moving out in a few weeks too which I'm really looking forward to, I will be living in the Lace Market in Nottingham city centre.

Hope you're all sweet!

Yours, Elizabeth Gracie.

Louise Gray/Topshop

(via, topshop)

Louise Gray has collaborated with Top Shop and has produced this vibrant, bright and bold collection. I love the pureness and the simplicity of it. Crazy and I love it. Do you? You can shop the collection here

Yours, Elizabeth. 


'She's warding off the evil eye'


Just a self portrait type thing I did tonight. I was bored obviously.

Love, eg. 


H&M Divided Grey Collection

(H&M Divided Grey Fall Collection)

Cannot wait for this to come out its right up my street!

In stores November 1st, I'll be there!!

Yours, Elizabeth.


leather, converse and stuff.

Just a few images that are inspiring me recently. If you go on my tumblr there are plenty more like this. my tumblr < ------

Love, eg.


hear no evil see no evil speak no evil


Yo guys! I haven't done a photo like this in a while so I thought I would, I like to match what I wear to my hair accessories. A quick update anyway, I've got a photo shoot with the idealist magazine on wednesday...I'm so very nervous.  Hope you're all great and being awesome!!

Yours, Elizabeth Gracie.


Malaika Raiss


Ok, so I recently came across this beautiful designer called Malaika Raiss and fell deep in love with the knitwear.  Just look how beautiful it is. One day I hope to be making knitwear similar to this, that would be a dream.

Yours, Elizabeth Gracie. 


Dalliance Accessories

I came across this accessories online shop today and I absolutely love it and I love how all the pieces kind of get the same feel if that makes any sense at all! 

All of these pieces are from the new collection by the way so you should definitely click the link and check it all out because there are more, these are just my personal favourites ^_^ 

Yours, Elizabeth. 




This is a photo shoot I did with Miss Yuri Lowell, she is an amazing photographer as you can see. Was really fun and easy to work with her, very laid back and helpful. I felt comfortable around her. I was so impressed with the photos before she had even edited them and wow she's got so much control over the depth. Click the link and go like her page please, the support would be helpful! She is wonderful.

The tee I am wearing is from iamvibes go check out their clothes, pretty rad!

Yours, Elizabeth. 



Was a bit windy today haha but this is one of my favourite tees right now as its my favourite band. I hate it when people wear band tees that they don't even listen to as I've said before really winds me up.

Love, eg.


Just a few photos I took at the zoo/farm we visited during our stay in Bridlington. It's just a hobby so I'm not that good haha!

Hope your all well and being awesome!

Love, eg.