Was a bit windy today haha but this is one of my favourite tees right now as its my favourite band. I hate it when people wear band tees that they don't even listen to as I've said before really winds me up.

Love, eg.


Kirsti24 said...

I feel the same about people wearing band tee's when they don't listen to the band! I don't wear them often but I have them all stored in my wardrobe from gigs :)

Kirsti xx

Alice said...

That's a pet hate of mine too. Particularly annoying when you try to talk to the person about the band emblazoned on their t-shirts! Can't say I've listened to much AC/DC but I love the way you styled this xoxo

GustÄ— said...

I like your bag and tee!

RBrighty21/RBXXI said...

'Who Wears Short Shorts? Liz Wears Short Shorts' The guy in the Gingham shirt couldnt be more obvious LOL RBXXI x