This is a photo shoot I did with Miss Yuri Lowell, she is an amazing photographer as you can see. Was really fun and easy to work with her, very laid back and helpful. I felt comfortable around her. I was so impressed with the photos before she had even edited them and wow she's got so much control over the depth. Click the link and go like her page please, the support would be helpful! She is wonderful.

The tee I am wearing is from iamvibes go check out their clothes, pretty rad!

Yours, Elizabeth. 


Anni said...

Wow you look beautyfull!! <3 I love your looks! I follow you know :)

Kirsti24 said...

Hey :)

I love the new layout! Simple but professional :)

And these photos are amazing! You're so pretty!

Kirsti xx

francisdodson said...

I've been on your blog for less than 5 minutes and I'm already loving it! Gorgeous photos, I love the editing x