Some photos i've taken these past few days, I'm trying to get better with my camera! What do you think?

Yours, Elizabeth.  



(top-TOPSHOP, shirt-TOPSHOP, shorts-DIY, bag-H&M, shoes-CONVERSE, birdskull necklace- FASHIONOLOGY, yellow band-MISS SELFRIDGE)

I'm absolutely loving the weather this week so I'm getting out with my dog as much as possible and getting some snaps! Also I'm loving spending with beautiful week with my boyfriend, it's been lovely. Don't want my parents to come back :( haha! just kidding but it's been nice to feel more independent at home you know? I wish me and Charlie could have done more this week but we haven't had much money really, although we did have fun tie dying on saturday which looks AWESOME I must say. I'll post some photos of the outcome soonish I promise! 

Yours, Elizabeth. 


(ph - tumblr) 


Run rabbit run.

Went to see my sister at university the other day with my momma, was so nice to see both of them at the same time, I don't very often as we all live in different parts of the UK which is gayyyyyy! And ofcourse we went out for a few drinks and I met her new boyfriend, he's alright ;) haha nah he's a cool guy. 

I'm house sitting this week with charlie which is nice, don't want it to end. 

Yours, Elizabeth.

p.s Ignore my roots. I know they are terrible but I'm trying to grow the black out my hair......longggggg!



This is VIOLET. They are a very hard working band that spend a lot of their time trying to make themselves known in the alternative music scene by building a constant growing fan base, real fans I must add. Which they take time and effort to make sure they are all appreciated and loved. They have recently by being signed to Small town records. Which they deserve so fricking much!

I only first saw this band last year and fell in love with them. Even them personally, they are just a bunch of awesome guys to know. 

So basically I need you to just take a few seconds of you're time to click the link below and VOTE for them by clicking the STARS and maybe a cheeky share on you're facebook or twitter. Would be much appreciated and I know that every vote counts! 

Oh and its my boyfriends band so thats another reason why you should help :D :D haha! 

Yours, Elizabeth. 



So last night I stayed up doing this, I decided to not draw people for awhile and I'm glad I did because I came out with this. I know my painting could do with some improvements but the only way I'm going to get better is by doing more and more! What do you think? :) 

Yours, Elizabeth. 



(Hat-H&M, Denim jacket-NAVIGATOR, Hoody-H&M) 

These photos are about a year old but I like them :) 

Yours, Elizabeth. 

Ebba Zingmark/illustration

 so this is an attempted illustration of Ebba Zingmark here is her Lookbook. She is very beautiful and has a great structure to draw and paint. But anyway how do you think i did? :)

Yours, Elizabeth.




"RedRock is a label created by Kiran Lall fashion designer and stylist with a knack for an original diy style and indie inspired fashion approach. All items are hand made in RedRock studios in Northampton, UK. As all pieces are hand made no two items will ever be the same, creating a truly individual style for each and every customer.
RedRock is for girls who like to have fun with fashion, stand out from the crowd by wearing something a little different that can't be found on the High Street. RedRock is not about following trends but looking great wearing WHAT YOU WANT...and still FEELING A MILLION DOLLARS $$
More recently RedRock has be involved with re-working vintage clothing from the eras of 60's, 70's and 80's for something a little extra special and timeless!!
The label has only been running a little over two years but has already secured rails at some of the UK's hottest boutiques, received national press including Sew Hip Magazine, Drapers and Company Magazine, put on their first fashion show in London's infamous Brick Lane. RedRock designs have also been seen on E4 Skin's favourite and been requested by the likes of Paloma Faith, Lauren Pope and Audrey Kitching!!"
Personally when I came across this label I fell in love straight away, the whole approach they have gone into is awesome and I know a lot of people are going into re-working Vintage but they have done it in a unique way which I think makes them stand out. Also, I love all the detail of the products you can definitely tell this is something they are passionate about. I personally love the vivienne collar for its rock chick look, the pia blouse because it looks so house wifey! haha! But most of all I especially love the vintage ruby blouse just because I can imagine myself in it! :D 
Yours, Elizabeth.