This is VIOLET. They are a very hard working band that spend a lot of their time trying to make themselves known in the alternative music scene by building a constant growing fan base, real fans I must add. Which they take time and effort to make sure they are all appreciated and loved. They have recently by being signed to Small town records. Which they deserve so fricking much!

I only first saw this band last year and fell in love with them. Even them personally, they are just a bunch of awesome guys to know. 

So basically I need you to just take a few seconds of you're time to click the link below and VOTE for them by clicking the STARS and maybe a cheeky share on you're facebook or twitter. Would be much appreciated and I know that every vote counts! 

Oh and its my boyfriends band so thats another reason why you should help :D :D haha! 

Yours, Elizabeth. 

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