(Bobble hat-H&M, Shirt-Vintage, Cardigan-ZARA, bag-H&M, Converse, Tshirt-ZARA)

This morning my dad and I took Bailey out for a long walk, he was so knackered bless him! My interview for University is creeping up on me and I'm becoming very very very nervous and scared. Hardly slept last night because it was going through my head so much! What to say, what not to say, how I should say things, what art do I take in ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! FREAKING OUT! 

Yours, Elizabeth.


Sophh Elizabethh said...

Love that top!Whoever said elvis is dead lies. And cute dog ;)


brthwck said...

I can't get over how gorgeous you are Elizabeth, I do genuinely hate you for it :(

I love the outfit lots though, and the dog's so cute haha!

decimal shoes said...

great outfit dear ^^
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yeahitsshyy said...

loving the outfit! The hat's really cute, I need a new one cause I wear the same grey one to death! hahha, cute dog :) x

Mercedes and Connie said...

love ur outfit!!
i follow u! follow back?


Nadine Flatt said...

dude seriously I'm so happy I just found your blogg! your style is awesome! u look beautiful!

Nadine Flatt said...

I never write anything on my blogg, at all haha mh but I think if you just keep it up like you do you'll get a whole lot of followers!! you are beautiful!

Megan Jane said...

Love the outfit! Good luck with your university interview! Is it at Trent? I'll be graduating from Trent this July! xo

Maija Sofia said...

I love your outfit, its so cool :)

Maija Sofia said...

I love your outfit, its so cool :)