Make yourself proud//

So I'm poorly today, very poorly. A lot more poorly than yesterday so I'm having today off work and I'm getting stuck in to some doodles and paintings for my sketch book. Just a book of my interests and ideas. Which I'm building up for my University Interview whey! Not sure whether to tell them about my blog or not....hmmm....what do you think? Shall I tell them? Hope you're all feeling better than me today! I'm sneezing and getting snot everwhere! Dirty!

Yours, Elizabeth.

p.s I'm not very good at drawing people, so I'm trying to improve!


Car Hendrix said...

Absoluty inspiring! You're really good :D

Anonymous said...

Hey Elizabeth! Thanks so much for leaving a wonderful comment on my blog, it totally made my day :) I really really love your blog, you are such a talented artists and photographer, i just love your style! Thanks so much for following me, I am following you right now :) and I will follow you on bloglovin too!

xx Have a great week :)

Victoria said...

You're so talented! and such an amazing blog.

Follow for follow?

Victoria xx