Inspirational photos//

Most of these photos are from my tumblr, just some that I feel are inspiring me the most right now. A lot of people never see the point in tumblr or just blogging but it does inspire people a lot which there interests, choices and just their lives in general. Thats why I love it so much. 

Yours, Elizabeth. 


Josie said...

Fab post! I love the pic with all the rings, they're gorgeous, xx

Bubble My Licorice said...

I love those photos!
especially the shoes!
are so cute and vintage!

Nayantara Sam said...

Great blog, I love your style and the outfit posts! You are soo pretty :)

http://www.seren-dip-a-tea.blogspot.com/ Please follow me :D

Nayantara Sam said...

Heyyy, following you too! Thanks for the birthday wishes, what happened in your 18th if you don't mind me asking.

Can't wait for the next post.


Kay said...

That chick with the tattoos, tanned skin and pink hair is beaut. Very hot tattoos!

Love your blog! <3