Both of these items are from TopShop, got them both at different times but this is what I wore on saturday night. The blouse I got on friday because I just fell in love with the colors and wanted something a little more girly than what I usual go for. The shorts are DIY which were originally high waist jeans but I hardly wore them as they didn't sit right but as shorts they are perfection and I made sure I didn't cut them too short so I don't look like a tramp whore with half my bum cheeks hanging out....I really don't get that. I mean leave some imagination for the boys...if they can see everything they aren't going to want to explore further although some boys will because you've just made yourself look very EASY. ok, enough of that.

Oh and today I got BLOG OF THE DAY of twitter from @The_upcoming Online magazine which you can see HERE and its great, definitely will get a good read from it. I was so happy when I read it.

Yours, Elizabeth.

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