Beautiful Vibes

So I got my package from iamvibes and I'm afraid I'll probably be wearing these a lot. Like when you become obsessed with a piece of clothing and it's like your second skin for a while ^_^

I'll do an outfit post with them soon but right now its thunder and lightening, Thor is pretty pissed I reckon. Lightening is beautiful though, I could sit and listen for hours at the rain and thunder. It becomes quite peaceful I think.

I've got some photo shoots lined up for this month too which I'm excited about. I'll keep you posted on them!

Hope you're all well and happy!

Yours, Elizabeth. 


Hola Bambi said...

Your so gorgeous, love the hair xx

Sara Louise. said...

aw love these t shirts, and you look beaut! xx

Emma Matthews said...

Wow! Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes! I love these shirts they're so cute. You're stunning as well so much love going on for your blog.

Emma x

sophie-mayanne said...

Beautiful t-shirts! I can understand how they will become your second skin !


Stop by and checkout my blog sometime, I would love to know what you think:)

Valerie Angel said...

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-♡ Valerie Angel

Crissy said...

Yesss! Those shirts are cute.

Suzanne said...

I know what you mean about thunder and lightening - I love it! Really love your blog btw xx