Girls Got Rhythm

Ok, so my fav band EVER and I just got this new tee so I thought I'd be a little vain and show it off, before it gets ruin by wearing it too much! The thing about band tees that annoys me is when people wear a certain band tee because they thinks its cool to wear it because everyone else is or whatever, even when they don't listen to the band. JEEZ it winds me up so much. Ramones tees are a big one.....if you don't listen to the band DON'T WEAR THE TEE you stupid mong.

Enough moaning. I went to Aveda to have a practice on my hair for a photo shoot I'm doing, which is going to be SUPER DUPER awesome. I'm going to be a doll/puppet.

Hope you're all well and happy with what you are doing right now.

Yours, eg. 

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