(Check shirt-TOPSHOP, Jeans-TOPSHOP, Leather bag-H&M, Shoes-FRED PERRY)

Ok so on lookbook I tried putting the images together instead of having just one, hope everyone likes it. haha! This morning was terrible for me, I felt great when I woke then towards the end of the morning I went all light headed and couldn't hear anything, you know the feeling before you're just about to pass out? so I wasn't good! But now I'm feeling fine and eating one of these lovely cakes made by my boyfriends mum, she's so good at baking and cooking. She sells them sometimes and I don't think she charges enough because they are definitely worth more! :) 

So right now I'm just chilling at Charlies house waiting for them to return from band practice, they go every Sunday and Thursday. So dedicated. Will probably watch a film when they get back yay lol :) Still can't believe I've got in to University! YAY ME! I want to start now!!!

Also, I'm pretty sure this is the longest I have written on a post in a while... oh well. I best most people don't even read it anyway :p ha! 

Yours, Elizabeth. 


meg lea said...

i love your bag! x

girlwhosluvinlifex said...

you look amazing :) follow back ? :)


Teapot said...

Your bag <3
Love this outfit. You really can pull off anything! x